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Network International


Network International, a leading payments firm in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), went public in April 2019 in a landmark IPO for the global payments sector. It needed a communications plan, in the Middle East, that would educate investors, analysts and media on its core proposition, ensuring a strong valuation while mitigating risks by proactively tackling issues as they occurred. 


Proof supported development of two videos to educate investors, analysts and media on Network International’s investment narrative providing an overview on the company’s operations, client base, and geographical footprint while showcasing its competitive advantages, growth opportunities and investment potential. The videos were widely shared and viewed on social media, generating over 120K impressions, and 33K views. The social campaign had an impressive 12.31% engagement rate on Twitter.

We also bolstered Network International’s digital presence through a campaign on key social platforms, to communicate the company’s offering to global investors. The paid campaign mainly took place on Twitter and was supported by audience segmentation which helped in reaching the core target audience in MEA. Many pieces of content, articles and videos were shared on the platform by partners, media, and The London Stock Exchange official Twitter account.



Our campaign positioned Network International as a UAE success story offering a robust investment opportunity to investors looking to participate in the MEA growth story. The campaign launched Network International into the realm of social media. Thousands of impressions, views and engagement were generated across multiple pieces of content that fueled this success story. Content was diverse, as it included senior management quotes, photos and videos from the day of the IPO, all directing users to learn more about this milestone.