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Ford: #YallaRanger – 2020 Ford Ranger Experience In South Africa


Ford: #YallaRanger – 2020 Ford Ranger Experience In South Africa


Ford wanted to build up the presence of their mid-size truck – Ford Ranger – in their target markets, as well as to raise awareness, educate, and build hype on the existing and new models among auto/consumer media, influencers and netizens to drive sales.

Other objectives were to engage key opinion leaders to further drive Ranger communications, and provide a deep dive on all elements involved in the production process.


Invite 20 regional media/influencers to South Africa production plants to dive deeper into the intricacies of Ranger and to put it to the test with a 4x4 drive experience

The team hosted a three-day Ranger workshop experience for 24 automotive/consumer media and social influencers from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Tunisia, Kenya, and Thailand.

Guests were also able to put the new 2020 Ranger to the test over various types off-road terrain to get first-hand experience of its power and capability.



Overall feedback – EXTREMELY POSITIVE!
Guests appreciated that they could see the vehicle being built, and drive it as well.
There was a real tangible link in seeing the car come together, and then driving that truck the very next day.

An extremely positive event to drive product awareness and favorability for the Ranger nameplate.

  • 10+ YouTube videos of the media trip
  • 600K+ campaign hashtag reach
  • 2.5M+ potential reach on Twitter
  • 56K+ Instagram stories views of the brand posts